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Texas Grown Hemp Products

Straight from Our Farm to You

EndoZondo is a family run, Native Texan Hemp company created to help improve your quality of life. Our plants are treated with the highest quality of care to ensure they are ready for you. We take pride in our hard work and care that brings you a superior product. 

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M. Espinosa

I started taking Delta 9 RELAX about four months ago to help with the trouble I had with getting good night's sleep. It was very difficult for me to fall asleep and if I did fall asleep and it was interrupted, I would stay awake for the remainder of the night. This led to feeling tired all of the time. Taking this product completely fixed the sleep issue and as a bonus also took care of another issue that I was working with my PCP on, which was the lack of feeling in both feet. I am just so happy that I was introduced to it and definitely never want to be without it!

Full Spectrum Tincture

Lab Results

At Endo Zondo, we understand the power of CBD and its many benefits. That’s why we offer a wide range of products that are lab tested and proven to provide the relief and relaxation you need. Discover the healing properties of CBD with Endo Zondo today.

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